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Latest News from Julia

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moiVirtual Counseling Still Happening!

What a wild ride these past few years! I am still seeing clients virtually – seems like the many people prefer it as they do not have to drive through city traffic to reach an office

So, I have clients from Washington State and Florida who have the flexibility to “see” me from the comfort of their home or office. I also have some clients overseas working as digital nomads and NGO personnel or military who love the ability to “see” a counselor who is not in-country for added security/privacy.

New book coming – how to relieve anxiety and depression naturally

I’ve got some exciting news!  I am releasing my book about how to relieve anxiety and depression naturally – breath work, CBT, and supplements – this fall! It will contain many of the experiences and exercises that set my clients free from troubling symptoms like racing thoughts, panic attacks, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, general feeling of anxiety coursing thought their bodies, and sense of hopelessness. We are complex individuals. Anxiety and depression is not just an issue with brain chemicals – it takes time to discover the support your body and brain craves. This book reveals what you can do for optimal mood support.

Rolling out the K9 Counselor with a Mobile Disaster Mental Health Office 

koa onboardI am also in the process of raising funds to launch a mobile office to assist with disaster mental health alongside my K9 counselor – Koa. After years of working in the aftermath of school shooting, hurricanes and war, I am often asked by federal, state and local agencies to volunteer my time. To do that – I need a safe way to transport Koa and myself into zones where there may be little infrastructure. We need a a mobile office that will give us privacy with clients, and a place to sleep at night. That means we are looking into purchasing a Class B van or small RV. 

We hope to get rolling soon! If you would like to help support this project – please contact me!