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Counseling for Religious Transitions, Trauma and Abuse

Counseling for those Impacted by Religious Trauma and Abuse

Emotional, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of a spiritual group or leader are not ok. Your gut is telling you that it is time to speak up and get help. But where do you turn? Perhaps it has been years since the trauma and abuse happened – or perhaps it is happening now – it is time to take that first scary step and reach out for help.

If you are ready to get into a healthier place in life, please do not hesitate. Call today!

Counseling support for spouses and children of those in ministry

Life in the fishbowl and attempting to be the perfect spouse or child of someone whose focus is ministry and missions can be heart-wrenchingly ugly. Many women talk about how their needs were never met and they were expected to constantly give to others until their own lives imploded. Many teens and young adults whose parents were/are in ministry are searching for anything to fill their pain and fling their experimental sexuality and drug use and self-abusing behaviors in the face of their parents.  Where do you turn? Who is safe and confidential?

If you are ready to explore a safer, healthier emotional and spiritual place in life, please do not hesitate. Call today!

Counseling support for those in spiritual transition

We gravitate towards spiritual beliefs for many reasons at different stages of life. Sometimes, the wounds of others in your spiritual community cause you to reevaluate continuing on. Or your leadership becomes controlling. Or your spouse leaves. Or you just feel like you have outgrown your old belief system. Do you leave? Or do you stay? Leaving your church can mean leaving behind relationships who have felt like family. If you are feeling like it’s time to “leave home” it helps to have someone outside the group to talk things through, heal the wounds, and support you in that in-between place of leaving one group and trying to create a new life.

As we grow, the old system of beliefs and belonging can feel constricting. How do you let go of old beliefs and spiritual encounters? How do you process and let go of “prophetic words” that trap you in an old way of life? We gently explore who you were and what you were seeking when you embraced your faith. We also look at the spiritual group or Church you affiliated with and sort through your thoughts and feelings. In a sense, we “deconstruct” your beliefs in order to “reconstruct” your spirit and relationships with God and others. During the process, the confusion and pain that muddied the waters of your life begin to settle. Eventually, the waters run clear and you discover that you are constructing a life of peace, joy and love that fits you at this stage of your life.

Tele-Mental Counseling and Consultations are Available!

Schedule your consultation today and lets create a plan that will help you transition into the new life you seek.

I work with people around the world through secure, online video conferencing.


First Step:

Please call for a consultation. Let’s get to know one another and begin to tell your story. If we decide to work together you can set up additional appointments. If you, or I, feel like someone else can better help you, this consultation will enable me to direct you in a way that will best serve your needs.

Second Step:

I work on a 4-week intensive basis that brings rapid relief to clients and facilitates the breakthroughs you need. Each secure video session lasts from 60-90 minutes with email support between sessions.