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Ex-Pat and Overseas Military Family Counseling through Secure Video Conferencing

Discrete and Confidential Counseling for Ex-Pats, Missionaries, NGO and Corporate workers, Military and Governmental Personnel

Living outside of your country of origin has a unique set of stressors and challenges including: the feeling of losing connections with the friends and family you left behind, complicated grief and loss, marriage stress, or the isolation of being single while working and living abroad. Those who experience the acute stress of living in areas affected by political unrest and war have their own, unique challenges.  Global Shores Counseling offers the support you need. Reach out today.

I’ve lived in the Middle East and in Europe and worked with ex-pats and military families who live in many countries and work with NGOs, missions organizations, corporations and in government positions where confidentiality and security is of utmost concern. I’ve counseled via secure tele-mental health video using an extra layer of “code-speak” in some situations.

If you are feeling the need to consult with someone as the stressors build up, please reach out to me today. All services are confidential.

Please note that your insurance company may reimburse you for a large portion of Global Shores Counseling fees – however, if you choose to use your insurer, your privacy may be compromised because insurance companies require a diagnosis and may require your counselor to release session/treatment notes. For the upmost privacy and confidentiality, Global Shores keeps costs affordable for those who choose to pay privately.