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Retreats and Workshops Offered by Julia Loren

“It is solved by walking…”

When you feel like running away, why not schedule a beach coaching session with Julia? Or a personal, intensive retreat? So much can be accomplished in a short time dedicated solely to helping you stabilize from the crisis disrupting your life, or the past issues that so impact your current work and relationships.

Beach Walk and Talk ~

Coming soon – I will invite local clients to meet me at the beach for a long walk and talk. The process of walking helps clear the mind as the ocean waves soothe the soul, making it easier to access the wisdom within and create powerful intentions that give birth to new life. Please contact me via email to schedule a beach walk session.

Individual Retreats ~

Julia has presented retreats all over the world  –

Aloha Individual Retreats ~

re-Discover a life of love, grace, kindness and joy.

Aloha Personal Retreats are designed to provide  intensive healing and life life coaching for women using principles of narrative therapy and faith enhancement. (Full day retreats, 2-4 day intensives and secure video-conferencing sessions available.)

You can spend three to six months seeing a counselor once a week -slowly and steadily working through your past…

Or come and spend 2-3 days in a personal retreat – healing your heart and addressing the future.

This is your time to rediscover that mystical, magical sense of loving life and life loving you.

All who are interested in booking a private retreat are required to book 2 sessions via video conference so we can get to know one another and discover how best to structure your individual retreat.


Arrangements can be made to conduct your retreat at any location – or even your home. Extra fees will be charged for travel costs and time.


I encourage you to book a secure video conference session so we can discuss where you are in life and where you want to be. During our conversation it will become clear if this is the right timing for you and I am the right coach / counselor for you. And then we go from there…


Discovery Retreat / The Gift that is You ~

“Transformational insights that break the barriers to unlimited possibilities.”

“Experiential and fun! I was expecting a boring lecture series over the course of the weekend with a few activities. But what I received was deeper insight and activation of my personal strengths and gifts.”

“Julia is very intuitive and points out strengths and gifts I kind of sensed were a part of me. I came away feeling empowered to make the changes I want to in my life!”

“She helped our leadership group understand the different gifts and talents we each bring to the team and develop a culture that honors one another, rather than competes with one another. Now we differ to one another’s strengths and feel like our own are valued as well.”

“This went way beyond taking a personality test, or a spiritual/emotional gifts test. It’s hard to describe – but I felt like I just broke off my mental limitations and discovered that I not only have some amazing strengths and gifts, I know how to use those strengths to get where I want to go in life.”

Suitable for:

  • Individuals
  • Women’s small group leadership development
  • Women in recovery
  • Team building
  • Church groups


Breakout / Creativity Explosion ~

“I loved the way Julia broke off our limitations and excuses and opened up a huge space for fresh ideas and images to emerge. My art feels like it’s being reborn.”

“So fun! I came away pregnant with book. Who cares how this baby is received. I just need to write it out and shape it into something publishable later.”

“Catapulted me out of my rut and, at one point during the day, felt like I was lifted into a spiritual realm that opened me up to new ideas and ways of restructuring my business.”

Suitable for:

4 hour retreat suitable for all


The Healing Power of Telling your Story ~

Writing and speaking out the main story lines of your life not only releases a deep healing to you – but through you to others who listen. This powerful retreat combines narrative therapy and sharing within a compassionate circle of select others. Participants have experienced deep healing of grief and loss, profound insights into their own strengths and resiliency, and understanding of how their personal story has shaped them into the beautiful soul they have become. The power of story to heal others becomes so evident that several have gone on to shape their stories into art and memoirs as their healing gifts to the world.

Suitable for:

  • Weekend retreats
  • Week long retreats
  • Teens through adults
  • Individuals



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