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The Healing Power of Telling your Story :

I am offering individual counseling, life coaching, small group retreats and online writing groups that focus on the healing power of telling your story. Come join us!

  • Processing Grief and Loss – Lets move from surviving to thriving
  • Ready to write a New Life Script?
  • Navigating through Spiritual Transitions?
  • Starting the next leg of your journey in life? You don’t have to walk alone
  • Writing for Recovery & supportive counseling

If you would like to join us in an online group or would like to host a small group retreat, please email me at

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Julia Loren is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Florida & Washington. Note: Your counseling session may be partly covered by your medical insurance or HSA. Please contact Julia Loren for more information and to book your session.

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Julia is the author of more than a dozen books including:

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I know how powerful telling personal stories can be -as you speak it out and write it out. In the telling (or writing) deeper healing happens. And as you share that healing with others, you illuminate their lives with hope, faith, and love.

Lets start talking and see where it leads you..Who knows, you may start writing your story and be published one day – Let your journey create light for others.

Contact for more information.