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Christian Healing Intensives

Telling your story – spoken to a trusted other – is powerful. When you invite the presence of God into the conversation, healing happens on a deep level. Our spirit heals in the realm beyond words and prayer facilitates that experience of deep healing much more quickly than you ever imagined.

I’ve had clients book intensive healing weeks with me and walk away amazed by what the power and presence of God accomplished in their lives. Their areas of concern included marital problems, wayward children, rage, anger, grief and depression. A few turned from self-medicating to renewed faith and practicing the presence of God. Fresh insights enable them to understand themselves, lift any sense of guilt and shame they carry, and transform relationships. They trade anxiety for the peace that passes all understanding released through the Prince of Peace. They let go of depression as they enter into a conscious awareness of the love and grace available daily. They discover hope, faith and love that endures.

To be clear – this is not traditional counseling therapy. This involves inviting the presence of God to do the healing work. Due to the nature of this work, clients are invited to work with me over the course of one week. We focus on the presence of God and your needs for longer sessions – 2 hours at a time – 3 days during that week – nestling into the presence of God. It is like a personal retreat conducted over Zoom. And because it is like a personal retreat, clients are encouraged to set aside time that week to reflect and journal and process what is happening during the sessions and within them afterwards.

Monday session: Meet over zoom and invite the presence of God to come and prayerfully explore the areas of the heart and soul that you believe need healing. Identify what you would most like to see changed on an emotional, behavioral and relational level.

Wednesday session: Review first session and what has transpired since then. Prayerfully move into deeper levels of insight and healing.

Friday session: Review second session and what has transpired since then. Prayerfully move into deeper levels of insight and healing.

Two weeks later: Follow-up to process and complete the main area of concerns.

Limited Availability:

This is an 8-10 hour intensive that is designed to release significant breakthrough to you in your area of main concern. Julia’s schedule allows for only two new clients per month. If you would like to work with her, please do not hesitate to contact her and get on her schedule. Given the nature of this intensive Christian healing retreat, your sessions are not covered by your health insurance. Typical rates for the intensive healing week and follow-up are $1200 – $1500. Payments may be reduced for special circumstances. Due to scheduling, payment is expected prior to the first session.


Julia Loren is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Florida & Washington. She has been trained in Elijah House prayer techniques, Leanne Payne prayer techniques, and both the Vineyard and Bethel church revelatory prayer techniques. In addition, she is a Christian author.

If you would like to experience a personal, intensive Christian faith-based retreat and receive deep ministry to your heart and soul, contact Julia at

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Julia is the author of more than a dozen books including:

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I know how powerful telling personal stories can be -as you speak it out and write it out. In the telling (or writing) deeper healing happens. And as you share that healing with others, you illuminate their lives with hope, faith, and love.

Lets start talking and see where it leads you..Who knows, you may start writing your story and be published one day – Let your journey create light for others.

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