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Integrative Mental Health Approach for Optimal Wellbeing

Integrative approaches that support optimal mental health include looking at what impacts your mind, body and spirit – and incorporating that into traditional talk therapy. Drugs are just one of many options to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, add, and other psychological disorders. Many of my clients have discovered they can go without, reduce, or even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical interventions using an integrative mental health approach. The healthier your body, the healthier your mind becomes – it’s “both and” – not “either or” – if you want to live in optimal wellbeing.

Whether you struggle with anxiety and depression, or grief, substance abuse and PTSD, you’ll discover how quickly you will feel better through my integrative mental health approach as you transform your life. It is a nourishing approach – a way to nurture your brain and gut and body and align yourself with feeling wonderful.

Safe, effective, and affordable evidence-based holistic approaches that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness while addressing common mental health problems.

From anxiety and depression to ADD and PTSD, you’ll discover how nutritional and integrative medicine can work alongside and even replace medications to alleviate symptoms and support mental health.

The Integrative Approach:

Do you want to wrestle your brain into submission until your troublesome emotions flatline? Or do you want to support your brain and learn to appreciate all of your emotions – listening to your body as it tells you what it needs? Maybe you don’t need to find peace in that pill or that bottle of wine. Rather than subdue your symptoms, why not support your brain/body for optimal function and gain a more positive present and future? Live healthier. Live happier, Live better.

As an integrative mental health counselor, I become a guide who leads you to gently explore those thoughts that spike your adrenalin, teach you ways to get grounded, and let go of outdated beliefs and fears. We identify the troubled spots, the triggers and replace them with awareness and intentional actions that reduce your moments of anxiety and depression. As your thoughts trend towards the positive – you flip on the hope switch and gravitate towards living a more joyful life.

We will also incorporate alternate foods and beverages, vitamin supplements and neutriceuticals to support your brain function and your adrenals, calm your mind, alleviate anxiety/depression, curb cravings, enhance sleep and create an inner and outer balance. We will also identify a wellness team that you can access- chiropractic, massage, go, gym, music/art/animal assisted therapy options. Everyone needs support and connection – make your’s a healthy team!

Get ready to journal – your thoughts and your alcohol/thc/food as well as possible toxins in your environment – to identify triggers and chart your progress. Together, we will discover a sustainable plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

It takes time to change:

It took a fair amount of time for you to recognize that you’re tired of feeling slightly miserable. Then more time to reach out for counseling support. So why not start now on the path to optimal wellbeing? Because it won’t happen overnight, give yourself three months to work with me – 12 sessions.

Safe, effective, and affordable… evidence-based holistic approaches that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness while addressing common mental health problems

Time commitment:

  • homework/daily journal entries – 30 minutes a day
  • 1 x week – 45 minute video call with counselor

Investing in Yourself:

Invest in yourself today and information and change that you sustain will pay off in a happier and healthier future.

$150 week counseling and email support

+ the cost of neutraceuticals and supplements that support your brain / body integration and wellbeing

 + cost of additional supportive, integrative team such as functional medicine tests, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopath, massage TBD according to your budget and insurance carrier