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Life Coaching for Women

by Julia Loren : : :

At every stage of life, women find themselves challenged and yet find the strength, wisdom and courage to create their best lives – despite current circumstances.

That is what Life Coaching is about – discovering the stories you believe about yourself and your life, deconstructing the narrative, and feeling empowered to not only write a new life script but to step out and live in the fullness of your dreams.

Call me! Lets chat for 10-15 minutes and begin to see your life unfold in wonderful ways. This is for those who do not want mental health therapy, but do want support and direction to get unstuck and get on with living!

Life Coaching for Mid-Career Women

  • I feel like I’m spending too much time on the job and getting nowhere…I’m not even sure this is what I want to do with my life.
  • The demands of caring for kids while managing a relationship with my partner and trying to focus on children is getting beyond frustrating. How do I get the love and support that I need?

Support for Caregivers

  • Caregiving for special needs family members (or elderly parents) is stressing me beyond my ability to cope.  The whole situation feels hopeless. What about my life and my desires?

Life Coaching for Women

  • I am so stuck that I feel like I’m just repeating every day patterns of existence. Bored. Unchallenged. Afraid of change…
  • I find myself attracted to the wrong types of men…I just can’t get over a lost love… Why don’t my dates turn into committed relationships,?…Why is it my committed relationships always fizzle?
  • All I do is work and still I struggle with financial issues. What am I doing wrong? How do I reach my financial goals more quickly?
  • I hate my body. I just don’t feel healthy but cannot stick to any healthful plans.
  • All I want to do is drink and numb out. I’m tired and just want to shut the world out. I know I need to find something I’m passionate about but the world seems to sabotage me.

Women of all ages who need someone to walk alongside of them who will LISTEN until their confusion and pain ebbs away and then we LISTEN together for the strategies for a new life to emerge.

As we work together you will begin to hear yourself speak and in the speaking out the confusion gives way to clarity. You deconstruct the stories you tell about your life and find yourself writing a new, more joyful, hopeful and positive life script. The next act of your life begins when you show up to take center stage.


Whole Life Coaching is about sorting through what is working in your life and what you want to change, setting some breakthrough goals, then taking action and moving forward with a coach who is on your side, cheering you on towards the goals of your life.

Lets Go for It!

It takes about 3 months to really identify limiting thoughts and beliefs and make life-long changes. Integrating those changes into a sustainable lifestyle may require ongoing coaching. If you want someone to speak with just for a couple of sessions to assess where you want to go and make a plan, try us out but know this –  Julia will be your coach for the long haul if that is what you need.

Coaching packages offer secure video conferencing weekly or bi-weekly sessions combined with weekly email support to help you make steady progress towards your new life. Coaching will help you stay on track.

You control your life!  You cannot change your past, but the future awaits your intentional design.

Special Package Discount! 3 meetings of 90 minute sessions

When we are in the middle of an intense conversation it is often more productive to continue longer than 60 minutes. Tremendous breakthroughs and insights come during those longer meetings. In fact, some people who desire immediate breakthroughs in their life and emotional state choose to schedule an intensive coaching week. It is like a personal retreat where you focus on your breakthrough as we meet 3 times in one week – with added support and homework between meetings.