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Washington State Tele-Mental Health Counseling Services

Therapy that makes a difference.

I know it’s daunting calling a total stranger to talk about the stressors currently impacting your life. Yet you sense that counseling really does make a difference in how well you cope with the present and will help you discover and release your inner strengths to build a happier and healthier future.

If you have read this far, you are already taking that first courageous step towards obtaining the compassionate support you seek. That is awesome!

Tele-Mental Health Counseling Services in Washington

Julia Loren is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida and offers affordable, tele-mental health counseling via secure video conferencing. The counseling appointment you make may be partly reimbursable by your insurance company. Please check with your insurance for more information.

Washington Tele-Mental Health Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

You do not have to suffer alone. We can meet in the privacy of your own home through your internet connection and phone. Contact us today!

Counseling for Religious Trauma and Confusion in Washington

So many people have turned to spiritual groups and leaders to gain a sense of belonging and healing. yet when you outgrow the group beliefs…or feel like you have been betrayed…or spiritually abused…where do you turn? Global Shores Counseling has a network of counselors available who specialize in assisting you through the pain and loss and transition. Contact us today!

Tele-Mental Health Counseling for Military Personnel in Washington

Did you know that Tri-care may reimburse you for meeting with a counselor over the internet in the privacy of your own home?  Adult military personnel and spouses in Florida and in OCONUS locations find that the flexibility in scheduling counseling appointments ensures that your counselor is available to fit your schedule. Best of all, if we work together, when you PCS to another location, you do not have to start over with another counselor right when you need support the most. Your privacy and confidentiality is ensured with tele-mental health counseling.

1st meeting :

I invite you to email me and set up a time for an initial consultation over secure video chat. Just before the meeting, I’ll email you a link so you can access the Vsee secure video conference room. And I’ll meet you there!

You just need to be in front of your computer during the meeting with your computer video camera on.

If we decide to work together, we’ll outline an initial plan of action – what your counseling goals are; how many sessions it might take to create a happier, healthier life; what insurance you would like to use or if you would prefer to pay out of pocket; and reserve your best counseling day and time by scheduling the next 3 sessions.

During the session (or shortly after) I’ll email you any appropriate paperwork that you can upload to the secure, HIPAA compliant website.


$125 – 60 minute session

Reduced rates may be negotiated for those who are private pay clients (not using insurance).

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal. I also accept most HSA/FSA cards.

All cards will be charge an additional processing fee of 3% + $.05.

For ongoing counseling, I request that clients keep a credit card on file.


Time set apart on the schedule creates a place just for you. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. While I realize that unforeseen events occur and crisis events may cause you to miss an appointment, please note that your credit card will be charged for the missed session and may, or may not, be applied to the next session, depending on circumstances.


I work with a variety of health insurance companies either as a provider or out-of-network provider. Prior to your  initial consultation, please check with your insurance company to see if it covers counseling via secure video conferencing. Afterwards, we can discuss your insurance and decide how to proceed.


(904) 323- 3104