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Life is…?

How is life for you – right now? Are you tired of the thoughts spinning in your head and trying not to speak them to your partner, spouse, child, a friend or family member, or even acknowledge them to yourself? Are you ready to reclaim your life, get unstuck and move into a more peaceful and joyful place?

Just the fact that you are reading this reveals that you want to move past the hurt, anger, grief, confusion or whatever you are feeling, and get to a better place quickly. It is time to stop living in turmoil and start moving towards creating balance and joy.

Global Shores Counseling offers counseling in the privacy of your own home or workplace through secure video-conferencing.

Julia Loren, LCMHC, founder of Global Shores, specializes in:

  • Stress Management, Anxiety and Depression
  • Acute Stress and life-disrupting crisis
  • Body image (redesigning relationships with food, substances, and self)
  • Adoption – birth parent grief and loss, adoptee identity development and triad reunion issues, and adoptive parent consulting
  • Unique issues facing Ex-pat/ NGO personnel/ Missionaries/ Military families world-wide
  • Religious trauma and transitions
  • Personal, intensive 2-3 day healing retreats (face-to-face) by arrangement
  • Life Coaching for Women in Transition

About Julia Loren ~

promo shotA native of Southern California, I’ve also spent many years living in the beautiful Pacific NW.

During my 20 + years in private practice I’ve specialized in helping clients recover after acute stress, grief and loss. As I come alongside clients, they soon discover their anxiety giving way to peace and any clouds of depression dissipating in the light of new hope. The ultimate goal – living from a place of peace, joy and love of life – integrating the fragmented parts of self and life into a new you.

I’ve worked with college students, government personnel, military families, Ex-Pats, and NGO personnel in various countries in the EU and Middle East. Along the way, I managed to write a few books focusing on the varieties of spiritual experiences and how faith enhances healing. Clients soon realize that I am intuitive and revelatory and as we work together, insights and healing come quickly.

Many of my clients live/work in other places in the world, and find that secure video conferencing offers the availability they need to someone outside their immediate circle, someone who understands their unique stressors of life.

Many clients also live locally and prefer sessions outside of the typical office. So, I also offer 2-3 day intensive, personal healing retreats.


Ready to Start Working Together ~

I offer individual sessions online, through secure video conferencing and personal and intensive retreats.

Email me for a free 15 minute phone/video conference consult and discover how best I can assist you.

For information and to schedule an initial consult, please contact Julia directly:

(904) 323- 3104


You cannot change your past, but the future awaits your thintentional design.