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Invest in Yourself: Fees & Policies

Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself and your relationships is the most important financial investment you can make for a happier present and more secure future. You cannot change your past experiences in life however – you can create a happier future. Let it begin with accepting yourself just as you are today and creating a fresh vision for your life.


$150 – 50 minute session or consult

$175 – initial intake session (75 minutes)

$250 – couples counseling, family counseling and same day/crisis appointments

$250 – 90 minute session (formal assessments and documenting diagnosis for medical/court records)

I will email you a link to payment prior to the session. I accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards. I also accept most HSA/FSA cards. All cards will be charge an additional processing fee of 3% +$.05.

Special Counseling Between Session Support

After the first session, if we decide to work together, I offer ongoing clients a special counseling package that offers support between sessions.

Traditional Package Reservation: $500

You will receive 3 – 50 minute sessions. Plus, you will have access your counselor via email to check in between sessions during the week. You will also receive worksheets, articles and holistic tips for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression that are specifically tailored to meet your unique situation. Rest assured that you will have the support you need during your first month in counseling. (Packages must be prepaid to ensure your session times are reserved.)

Intensive Package Reservations: $1000

This is for those who have a limited time available and desire significant reduction in anxiety and depressive symptoms. Lets get you stabilized and then to the root of the matter. This involves assessments, worksheets, email contact and check-ins between sessions and 4 sessions – 90 minutes each – conducted during the course of two weeks. (Packages must be prepaid to ensure your session times are reserved.)

Billing & Insurance

Did you know that you may elect to pay privately for counseling sessions and not go through your insurance? This allows for your utmost privacy and flexibility in scheduling appointments.

I am considered an Out-Of-Network provider on almost all insurance panels. If you live in Florida or Washington State and elect to use insurance, please contact your insurance company.

When you call your insurance company have your insurance card available and Julia Loren’s license information and ask the following:.

  • What is my deductible?

  • What is my co-pay for each session & how many sessions will you authorize?

  • I prefer to  use an out-of-network provider. How much will the insurance company reimburse me to cover the cost of each session if I provide a super bill prepared for by the therapist?

Julia Loren’s professional licenses:

  • Washington State licensed mental health counselor number is: LH00008085

  • Florida State licensed mental health counselor number is: #11159

  • NPI Number: 1750646519

Why I don’t work with insurance panels:

  • For you to be covered, I have to diagnose you. Additionally, the diagnosis you receive follows you on an official and permanent record. Some insurance companies may consider this a pre-existing condition if you ever have to look for your own coverage.
  • Your records are much less private. I am required to give progress notes and submit details of our conversations. Your insurance company can audit your records whenever they want. A claims specialist can receive details of your case that you may not want to be shared.
  • The insurer decides how much therapy you need, and what kind. Many insurance companies stop covering after a few sessions, assuming you feel better and should be ‘cured’. As I’m sure you know, that’s just not how things work. Insurers will also require the therapist to engage in specific types of therapy that may not be a good fit for you.
  • That said, you are welcome to contact your insurance provider to learn their policies about Out-Of-Network providers. In many cases they may reimburse you for a portion of sessions. I am happy to provide a super-bill or other supporting documents that your insurance may require – please note that a diagnosis will have to be on the superbill in order for the insurance company to reimburse you.



For telemental health sessions or in-office sessions, 48 hour notice is required to cancel and reschedule an appointment. If the appointment is cancelled in less than 48 hours, the appointment will be forfeited without refund. Appointments that are cancelled in less than 48 hours may be rescheduled on the condition that the cancellation was due to an emergency. Appointments can be rescheduled within the 48 hour window to be done online or in person later that week, depending on availability.

Inclement Weather:

In the case of inclement weather that occurs within the 48 hour notice period, we have the option to have our appointment via video or phone. The cancellation policy still applies, however with the flexibility to hold the appointment online. Either therapist or client reserves the right to request an online appointment in the case of inclement weather. The most important thing is that we remain as safe as possible!


I know that money issues impact everyone in different ways. In order to keep things current and least stressful, I send clients invoices the day prior to their meeting time. That invoice includes a link to a payment portal. I ask all clients to  pay via the link prior to the meeting time.