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Invest in Yourself

Counseling and Coaching for Individuals, Couples and Teens

Investing in yourself and your relationships is the most important financial investment you can make for a happier present and more secure future. Love, peace, harmony and fresh hope spring from counseling and life coaching. Relationships find a more peaceful resolution or a new beginning. Transitions call for a bit of extra TLC for yourself while you settle into a new normal. You are not alone in life. You can call and schedule an appointment today – why wait and wallow in stressful situations?

Coaching and counseling takes an investment. And like any investment, you make some gains one week and may feel like you are losing money the next week. At the end of our time together, you will see the benefit of your investment of time and money. You will feel confusion lift, grief and loss subside, clarity of who you are and why your needs and desires have gone unmet, and discover a newfound ability to ask for what you want and go for it. Once the emotional stress and burdens lift, you will feel the energy and focus you need to start running with joy.whale watching

Julia works with you to create a personalized action plan. Choose to work with her and you will find the personal care and nonjudgmental motivation to implement your plan of action and stay on track as you strive to create the life you desire.


Initial Assess & Plan Sessions

If you just want Julia to help you create a plan of action that you can follow on your own, start with the Lifestyle Assessment and Planning session. You will start with a phone call meet-and-greet and talk about the changes you want to see in your life. Then, you will receive an email with 2-4 lifestyle assessments specific to current situation and focus. You will send them back via fax or email for scoring. During a follow-up phone call, we connect your present patterns of behavior with the different stages of change, to better determine what will work for you at home – and create a plan of action. We will set goals together and create a short-term strategy for achieving those goals.

This package includes:

  • One Hour Session via phone or video chat or in person at the Kona, HI or Camano Island office
  • One package of lifestyle assessments and a planning grid via email
  • One follow-up session to discuss your assessment results and create a plan of action (50 min.)
  • One Written Action Plan

Your investment:

  • 3 hours of your time to create hope and strategy for a happier future
  • $250


Intensives with Julia at her Kona, HI or Camano Island location:

Sometimes, when you find yourself overwhelmed by individual, family or marital crisis, you need extra TLC. Scheduling an intensive will give you a safe time and space to vent, release some of the emotional overload, regain your focus and create a strategy for coping and recovery. Its a time out for you to rest, recover and regroup. You don’t have to go through this alone.

The focus is solely on you during intensives.

Locals: Sessions are available that last for 2 hours if needed and can be scheduled twice a week – to assist you alone, you and your partner, you and your teen, or your entire family. ~ $125 / hr  ~

I can come to you: Your family may feel more relaxed if I come to your home for Family Life Coaching. Home-based family life coaching is available in the Kona, HI area.

From Out of Town?: You may stay at a local Air B&B and meet with Julia for 2 extended sessions per day. During your free time, you will find the healing balm of the island’s natural surroundings filling your soul. Between sessions, take long walks on the beaches of the island and embrace the Aloha sense of wellbeing.  Please contact Julia for more information and to make arrangements for your intensive healing and breakthrough week.


Health Insurance Billing:

If you live in Washington or Florida, Julia is a licensed mental health counselor in those states and you are probably eligible to use your Health Savings Account funds for counseling/coaching services. Your insurance company may also reimburse you for some of the counseling costs. You will have to check your plan.

Health insurance plans typically do not reimburse for coaching services, or for phone or video/ internet-based counseling. In fact, life coaching does not diagnose or slap a disorder label on you – a requirement for health insurance companies.

Global Shores Life Coaching 

We transcend international borders and give you access to extremely competent life coaches in the privacy of your own home or office by offering internet based coaching via Skype, FaceTime, and email.